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B3 Environmental

Responsible Waste Management and Environmental Services

B3 Environmental Waste Recycling

B3 Environmental has some of the most versatile equipment in the industry. Our 4 x 4 tractor with 4 wheel steering and rear wheel steered vacuum tanker allows us to travel to the most perilous locations.

B3 Environmental Waste Management in Fyfe
B3 Environmental MAN HOLE & GULLY CLEANING in Fyfe
B3 Environmental Septic Tank Emptying in Fyfe

Our Services

We specialise in transforming waste with maximum efficiency, ensuring a sustainable approach to waste management.


Septic Tank Cleaning

B3 Environmental's septic tank cleaning services maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your property.


Manhole and Gully Cleaning

Removing debris and blockages from underground drainage systems to ensure proper water flow and prevent flooding.


Grease Trap Emptying

Effective and thorough grease trap emptying to prevent environmental pollution and ensure smooth waste flow.

About B3 Environmental

Dedicated to Sustainable Waste Management

B3 Environmental

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